Develop Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is essential to your success in the world. Our proprietary assessment tools provide you the personal insight you need to achieve your fullest potential. The realization of your dreams sets a course for a lifetime of learning, professional development, and personal fulfillment, and these assessments are the foundation.

  • Get to know your learning process

  • Identify your motivations and dispositions

  • Uncover your leadership characteristics

  • Discover your unique strengths

  • Understand yourself

College Readiness Test

Discover the skills necessary to excel at the college/university-level of education

The College Readiness Test is a short self-evaluation designed to help you gauge your personal, academic and professional skills, such as time management, research ability, etc. This assessment is designed to:

  1. Give you an indication of where your skills stand right now
  2. Understand where you need to focus in the immediate future and over time
  3. Empower you to excel the moment you arrive at college

Unlike the SAT (which measures your academic aptitude), the College Readiness Test serves as a strategic tool to give you an edge upon arriving at college.

Learning Style Assessment

Better understand your unique learning strengths and preferences

The Learning Style Assessment is designed to help you identify your learning preferences. This Assessment enables you to understand:

  1. How different environments and forms of information support your learning
  2. How you process and retain what you've learned
  3. How you communicate with others

The Learning Style Assessment is an essential tool for gaining self-knowledge, tapping into motivation, and developing your strengths as a student and graduate.

Values Assessment

Get personal insight into your core values and how they impact your life

The Values Assessment is an analysis instrument designed to unveil and clarify distinct core values. Your values are the foundation of your:

  1. Motivations
  2. Attitudes
  3. Predispositions

The Values Assessment is a powerful tool to uncover your values and, ultimately, your “why” in life. As a result, you will garner a deeper understanding of yourself, a stronger sense of purpose, and how to achieve personal fulfillment.