Guiding Students & Parents

Through the High School to College Transition

Today’s educational system is built on extrinsic motivators, depriving students of the critical thinking skills necessary for success in college and beyond. We guide students to uncover their sense of purpose so that they can discover, discern, and determine the best path that will lead them to self-realization, independence, and, ultimately, personal fulfillment today and in the future.

  • 23%

    of college and university students will leave school during or at the end of their freshman year

  • 50%

    of students will not graduate in 4 years and the 6-year completion rate is only 64%

  • 57%

    of students earn a GPA ≤ 3.0 by the end of their first year, but 61% of these students will not graduate in 4 years

We Help Students

navigate the high school to college transition.

You want to be successful in college and make your family proud, but the fear of failure is palpable. Many peers seem to have it figured out, but the thought of navigating significant life changes alone can be overwhelming.

We’ve been there. We believe you should have someone to champion you to your fullest potential. Highpoint Education guides you to develop strategies and skills to acclimate and thrive in college and the future.
Helping students navigate the college process

We help parents

be the best support system.

You know your child has the capacity to excel in college, but you’ve read the statistics. You need to know how to equip them with the right tools for success, and what your role should look like throughout the college process.

We believe parents play an essential role. We have helped guide hundreds of students and parents through the high school to college transition while maintaining healthy relationships. Through our proprietary learning assessments, dynamic action plans, and individualized coaching, Highpoint Education equips students to reach their highest potential in college and, consequently, the future. We empower parents through specific parent college courses to provide the proper support their children need throughout this significant change.
Parents help with high school to college transitions

We help our partners

by supporting students and families.

Students’ success not only impacts their future but their family's future, and yours, too. Their success can only be achieved through strategic preparation and personalized guidance, yet there is a significant lack of resources supporting students through the college transition and beyond.

As collegiate teachers and coaches ourselves, we believe that you deserve the support to facilitate and ensure students' success. Highpoint Education acts as your partner in guiding and positioning students to thrive in college from day one, though graduation, and long into the future.
Guiding through the high school to college transition

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David Del Rio

Lead Superintendent, Plaza Construction

I don't know if you understand how big of a role you played in my success thus far... but the guidance, structure, and support you gave me those first 2 years really impacted me and my course of progress that has now evolved into success. You told me one time that "when you overcome obstacles and become successful it will taste so much sweeter because you know what it feels like to strive for something." I'm now the Superintendent for a great construction management firm in the city. In a year, not only have I climbed the ranks faster than I could have imagined, but they call me “the prodigy” and left me in charge of a $300 mil. project. All of that came from struggling and realizing what hard work is and what it takes. Thank you for being a part of that process.

Chirag Bhojwani

Director of Policy and Communications, Guam Legislature

My first semester of college, I had just failed all my classes and lost my scholarship. This program helped me get back on track to graduate and make something out of myself. By the end of the next semester, I was off Academic Probation, and with all A’s and B’s I was able to regain my Presidential Scholarship. What I truly appreciated about my coach was that throughout the course of his mentorship, he always made clear that he had my best interest in mind. It definitely was not smooth sailing between us; he showed me a lot of tough love, and now I am grateful that I have a big brother, and lifelong friend who continues to help me realize my true potential. He instilled in me the belief in the bigger picture and that I am in the driver’s seat of my future. Thank you brother!

Saleema Shir

University of Southern Maine, Class of '25

With these assessments, you’ll certainly uncover new information about yourself! The questions are uncomplicated and straightforward, but they help you to critically think about yourself. It’ll certainly make you pause and reflect on your personality, values, and who you are as a person. The Values Assessment laid out which values are congruent and incompatible, which was fascinating since I discovered that some of my top values clash with one another. The College Readiness Assessment was amazingly put together, and certainly will help any incoming college student. The assessments provided are worth the time… and are ideal for college students and young professionals.

Sykeem Lewis

Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions at Schar School of Policy and Government

My coach challenged me in ways I had not been challenged before because she saw my potential. She knew that I had goals I was striving towards. I had shared with her my passion for theology, education, and activism. I have always valued her feedback and insight as I began to explore various graduate school programs. She took the time to discuss my career goals and aspirations while aligning them with several graduate programs. Moreover, when I had finally selected my program, my coach continued to motivate and mentor me throughout the entire journey. She has been very instrumental in both my academic and professional success.